Massage Offerings & Prices

60 minutes – $85

90 Minutes – $110


Swedish Massage:  This relaxing technique is known for reducing stress and relieving minor aches and pains.  Studies have shown it to be effective at reducing pain from arthritis and personal experience has seen it calm the mind of clients with dementia as well as many other conditions.  The therapist’s touch is completely tailored to client goals and preferences and can be extremely light and comforting or quite firm and deep.  We have seen many clients fall asleep on the table to awake refreshed and renewed.  Clients of all ages and levels of fitness can benefit from Swedish massage.

Sports Massage:  Sports massage is a special form of massage developed to help athletes and physically active people, as well as those with high levels of stress reach their peak performance.  Sports massage can effectively assist in eliminating stress, restoring energy, rejuvenating fatigued muscles, facilitating the healing process after injuries, and providing positive psychological benefits to the recipient.

Sports massage can be an integral component of all phases of the training/performance cycle; from pre-event training and preparation, to getting an edge and successful performance, and post-event recovery, healing and rehabilitation.  A variety of massage techniques and modalities are used during sports massage. These may include relaxation strokes that promote and improve circulation of blood, oxygen and the immune system. Compression techniques facilitate warm ups while stretching and other active and/or passive techniques  promote range of motion and joint capsule lubrication. Friction techniques promote stretching and broadening of specific muscles and/or general muscle groups and  reduce adhesion and scar tissue, creating stronger, more flexible repair of tissue during the healing process.

Orthopedic Massage:  Orthopedic Massage was developed to relieve pain from overuse and chronic or acute injury.  This technique involves assessing the client’s body for previous injury, posture, range of motion and muscle strain.  The assessment will help to identify the balance of tissues around affected joints.  Using information gained in assessment, the therapist will use an assortment of techniques including myofascial work on connective tissue, deep tissue strokes, trigger point release, pain free movement, targeted muscle contractions (eccentric loading) and stretching.  The work is pain free and communication between therapist and client is essential.  The client will be given two or three stretches and/or strengthening exercises to practice daily at home to maintain the effects of the massage and help the body to continue the healing.

To some extent, orthopedic techniques will be incorporated into Swedish massage as appropriate.

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