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What to expect on your first massage visit

We want to get to know you!  On your first visit please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can fill out a general health history form.  Your massage will be tailored to your needs so it is important for us to be aware of past or present injuries, surgeries, illnesses.  In certain situations, massage may be contraindicated or we may need more information or approval from your physician or other health care providers. In these cases you will be asked to sign a release of information for us to send to pertinent health care providers. Also know that your personal information and everything about your massage will remain strictly confidential.

Once you have completed the health history form, your therapist will discuss it with you and ask further questions as necessary.  If you are seeking massage to improve relaxation, relieve stress, maintain wellness or simply being “nice to yourself (all excellent goals!) you will be shown into a treatment room where you can undress to the level of your comfort (most undress down to their underwear or remove everything) and slip under the sheets on the massage table.  During your massage you will be “draped” or covered except for the area being worked on to maintain your privacy.  We will never work on breast tissue on women or around genitals of either sex.  According to your wishes, needs, and length of massage, we may work on your gluteal muscles (hint: you sit on them).